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Soltech was asked to provide discreet, aesthetically pleasing solar shading for the Cadbury Place headquarters in Solihull. The large expanses of glass were a challenge, however we were pleased to be able to design a custom, fully integrated system which achieves all the client’s requirements for shading, efficiency and minimal aesthetics.

Project Details

Client Direct

Motorised Rollers
Fabric Covers
Wireless Integration

This was a challenging installation due to the fixing height and the size of the area to cover, and presented many opportunities for Soltech to use our expertise to problem solve. The brief was to provide protection from glare due to the early spring and late autumnal low-level sun, which was achieved using a high-performance screen fabric. The solution devised was for 10 motorised rollers to be installed each with 5 fabric covers, thus minimising the electrical requirements.

Despite the engineered solution and the heavy-duty requirement of the system, these motorised blinds are quite discreet and are hardly noticeable when not in use. We were able to give the client a flexible solution: being able to control each bank of blinds independently or as a complete group. The blinds are controlled via a wireless switch and/or handset behind the Reception desk. The resulting system is efficient, discreet, and seamless in its functionality and ease of use.

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