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Sheers and voiles can add elegance to a space, provide privacy and soften glare, while maximising natural light in a room. Choose from a huge array of fabrics, styles and systems to suit your space.

Any Scale, Challenge or Location

Sheers are an efficient solution, and Soltech are experts at producing machined or hand-made sheers for a huge array of locations, scales and situations. We are highly experienced at creating bespoke systems to fit in challenging locations, and our manufacturing facilities mean we can produce some of the largest systems out there.

A Massive Choice of Fabrics & Designs

We are experts at selecting fabric, performance and functionality to suit our clients’ requirements, budget and desired aesthetics – whether in large commercial premises or high-end residential environments.

We also offer many options for motorisation, automation and iPad integration of sheer curtains and voiles, and have high level expertise in designing, installing and manufacturing the necessary track systems.