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Solar & Safety Films

High-performance interior and exterior films which can reduce solar gain and glare by up to 80%. A cost effective solution whether used domestically or commercially.

High Performance Glare and Solar Gain Protection

Some of today’s buildings have large expanses of glass as architects strive for maximum light levels for the interior environment. These areas demand very high-performance products to reduce the high levels of heat gain and glare, particularly on south-facing elevations. As an alternative to our exterior product range, high-performance solar films can be a cost-effective way of cutting solar heat gain and glare by as much as 80%.

Safety Film, Anti-shatter Film and Bomb Blast Protection

In addition, with the menaces of living in a modern society, safety and protection are uppermost in people’s minds. Soltech has a wide range of window films which, when applied to existing glazing, can improve the safety level to meet the British Standards. Used in commercial buildings since the 1970’s for bomb-blast protection, safety film can also be used in public places and in the home – in fact, anywhere there is risk of impact accidents.