Blinds will allow for control of heat, light and glare to create the best possible internal environment. We are able to evaluate project objectives and help to select the most suitable materials to meet performance, aesthetic and environmental goals. Our product portfolio ranges from a cost effective manual roller, to motorised blinds throughout a building.

Occupant Comfort

The use of glazing in building design allows us to harness natural daylight and heat, but can lead to excess heat, reflection and glare.

Blinds allow for control of that heat and light to create the most comfortable environment for productive tenants. Creating the right balance also allows us to optimise the efficiency of energy usage in the building.

Fabric Aesthetics,
Performance and Finishes

Choice of blind and window dressing is a balance between performance and style. It’s imperritive that the chosen materials meet the performance criteria for the project and carry the desired environmental criteria.

We work with some of the leading companies in the textile industry to provide the widest possible choice and go through intensive testing to ensure our reccommendations are fit for purpose.

Motorisation, Integration and Automation

The right control and integration strategy allows occupants to use the space as they wish and optimise the overall performance of both the products and the environment. Blinds and curtains may be operated independantly, or as part of a building wide ecosystem.

A fully automated system will optimise the energy usage of the building whislt user controls will allow for blinds to operate as part of an audio visual or auditorium set up.

We are well versed in the many AV and control systems used and proficient at integrating control of the blinds.


Glare Blocking

Glare can be an issue in buildings that feature extensive use of glazing.

Whilst glazing makes a room bright and airy, glare from the sun can make it difficult to use a screen or display.

Selecting the correct screen fabric will reduce glare from direct sunlight whilst still allowing sufficient natural light into the building.


Sustainable Materials

Our policy is to only work with supply partners that are committed to sustainability and operate to recognised environmental standards. This helps us to support projects who aspire to BREEAM, LEED and other sustainable initiatives.

We aim to increase the amount of material that we recycle, whilst developing our processes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Solar & Safety Films

Areas with large expanses of glass demand very high-performance products to reduce potential heat gain and glare, particularly on south-facing elevations. As an alternative to our exterior product range, solar films can be a cost-effective way of cutting solar heat gain and glare by as much as 80%.

We have a wide range of window films which, when applied to existing glazing, can improve the safety level to meet the British Standards. Used in commercial buildings since the 1970’s for bomb-blast protection, safety film can also be used in public places and in the home – in fact, anywhere there is risk of impact accidents.


Our Solutions

Roller Blinds

We can provide operation of multiple blinds from one manual chain or supply a host of motorised and automatic control options.

We use the latest in high-performance fabrics to achieve a balance of reduction in solar gain and glare whilst maintaining requirements for vision through. Soltech sources an array of quality fabrics from leading textile manufacturers throughout the world to meet our clients’ specific performance requirements. With a choice of materials and weaves, we can offer options in light transmission and enhance solar performance with metallised fabrics.

Blackout Blinds

Some spaces require either all, or the majority of external light to be blocked, perhaps for audio visual or laboratory purposes.

Along with a opaque fabric we can incorporate channels, sills and even zip the edges of the fabric to prevent light pollution.

Roman Blinds

This is where the ease and convenience of blinds combines with the elegant look and feel of soft furnishings.

We offer an extensive range of modern and contemporary fabrics sourced from international textile-design houses. Systems are available in manual and motorised options for both light and heavyweight applications. Roman blinds are perfect as a stand-alone product, but also look stunning when combined with curtains.

Venetian Blinds

Our collection of venetian blinds is tailor-made to your requirements and comes with a wide range of colours and finishes. They are available in a variety of slat sizes in a solid or perforated finish. All of our venetian blind components are made from the highest quality materials to ensure a long and trouble-free life.

We are also able to offer a stunning range of wooden venetian blinds in an array of finishes suitable for hotels, restaurants and residential locations.

High Level &
Rooflight Blinds

Occasionally, shading is required in some awkward or unusual areas where access is difficult. Whether high-level, sloping or horizontal glazing, or unusually shaped locations, we can provide advice on motorised tensioned systems to suit roof-light and high-level atria glazing.

Our tensioned roller blind systems can defy gravity and even operate upside-down.

We can assist in the design and integration of fixing details and provide a complete electrical and controls package.


The Complete Solution


We work closely with all our customers in order to gain a thorough understanding of your needs. This helps us create design solutions expertly tailored to your requirements.

Our design solution extends to building prototypes to explore all possibilities and guarantee perfect operation, particularly for buildings with challenging geometries.

Involving our expert team at the early design stages ensures a perfect fit when it comes to installing on site.


Our brief is to support your brief and be the subject matter experts to enhance design and performance objectives. The team have a wealth of knowledge across materials, sustrainability, design solutions and delivery models to contribute to any project.


Our state of the art UK manufacturing facility is a key component of guaranteeing we can meet the most challenging programmes whilst controlling the origin of materials and maintaining quality. We prototype and test off-site to ensure a fault free installation.


Our installation teams have decades of onsite experience in UK construction projects relish the challenge of difficult and different and inspire to deliver an exceptional experience on every project.

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