Curtains add a touch of style and luxury. They give privacy, divide space, enhance acoustics and can make a bold design statement.

Interior Layout and Space Dividing

Curtains are a great option when designing a flexible space, allowing tenants to divide spaces or create semi-private meetings rooms. Tracks can be customised to suit the space and design intents whilst fabrics can help absorb noise in an open plan environment and serve as a bold design feature.

Improving Acoustics

Large, open rooms with multiple hard surfaces that bounce and reflect sound waves create challenges for both designers and users. The right choice of curtain fabric can make a significant contribution to managing the overal sound levels in a space.

Working with Shapes and Curves

Buildings are designed with ever more striking facade shapes and geometries – unique features that add interest to the development.

Our ability to create templates and bend track to create interesting shapes and follow feature elements of the building allow us to provide a truly bespoke solution for any project.



We work with the leading design houses throughout the world to source the latest in both style and function.

Material choices range from wool, cotton, velvet and linen, through to recycled fabrics.

If you are looking to make a statement, we offer bold designs in geometric shapes, floral and abstract. For a more muted aesthetic, select from our textured plain fabrics to create an understated backdrop.

All our fabrics are available with a range of matching accessories such as window seats and cushions.


Style and Fullness

Getting your internal aesthetic right is all about attention to detail. Even before this stage, deciding on the style of your curtains and blinds is an important decision: blinds and curtains have the potential to make or break the look of a room.

Not only do blinds and curtains make a space feel complete, but they have the magical ability to transform an ordinary interior into something extraordinary.

When choosing materials, we can calculate requirements based on fullness for pleated or tied curtains. Fullness takes into account the length of the curtain track or pole, and the amount of fabric used in the curtains; for example, pencil pleat, triple pleat, or wave curtains.

All these create different fullness ratios, although our team will guide you on the exact fabric length required for each curtain.



We offer a wide range of curtain tracks from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. These are suitable for any type of project, from small recessed tracks for lightweight curtains, up to heavy-duty tracks for room divider curtains.

Our in-house capabilities mean we can bend curtain tracks to accommodate window bays or other shaped requirements. Our curtains and tracks can be supplied with automated and motorised operation for convenience of use, and linked to other control systems.


Our Solutions

Curtains & Voiles

Sheers and voile panels are an excellent choice if you are looking for a lightweight alternative to curtains. They add a touch of elegance and privacy to any setting. Sheers can introduce a subtle pattern to a room without being too striking, helping create a design fusion between the window and internal elements.

If you are looking for a layered or textured aesthetic, combining our sheers and voiles with curtains work beautifully. It gives you total control over light levels by using the lightweight sheer or voile during the day to reduce glare, and curtains at night.

Soft Furnishings

Where other elements of the room are matched or coordinated with the curtains, we can provide cushions, pelmets or window seats, ensuring consistent quality and the freedom to design to any shape or size.


The Complete Solution


We work closely with all our customers in order to gain a thorough understanding of your needs. This helps us create design solutions expertly tailored to your requirements.

Our design solution extends to building prototypes to explore all possibilities and guarantee perfect operation, particularly for buildings with challenging geometries.

Involving our expert team at the early design stages ensures a perfect fit when it comes to installing on site.


Our brief is to support your brief and be the subject matter experts to enhance design and performance objectives. The team have a wealth of knowledge across materials, sustrainability, design solutions and delivery models to contribute to any project.


Our state of the art UK manufacturing facility is a key component of guaranteeing we can meet the most challenging programmes whilst controlling the origin of materials and maintaining quality. We prototype and test off-site to ensure a fault free installation.


Our installation teams have decades of onsite experience in UK construction projects relish the challenge of difficult and different and inspire to deliver an exceptional experience on every project.

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